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Focus, originally uploaded by Tronic Pics.

One of my favourite’s. These came out so much crazier than I thought they would. I’m loving the improvement.


On Fire!

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I think i’m the only person upset this got pushed back…February 1st. That Gibson SG is amazinngggg!

Photographer: Derrick G

Extraodinary’s Finest™

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What is Extraordinary’s Finest? It is quite simple to be “Extraordinary’s Finest”,  because YOU are in complete control of it. The people that surround me (God bless) have always been one of my greatest inspirations. They continuously push me to better myself, without ever having to use words, and if one of you are reading this now will probably find this a bit shocking. but just based on how they live their lives, has always been a big influence on me, and I’m proud of what I am becoming. Being “Extraodinary Finest” is more than working hard, it’s more than wanting to be better than you were the day before, it’s more than wanting to be the best… it’s a lifestyle, where all these things just come natural and we realize what it takes to become “successful”. My Team, is “Extraordinary’s Finest”, many of the people I talk to on a daily basis are “Extraordinary’s Finest” my friends are “Extraordinary’s Finest”, and even you can become “Extraordinary’s Finest”. Now, I’m not writing this as if i’m asking you to “come join my new club” that I started, because if that crossed your mind, then my point is not being delivered. I am only trying to introduce a new way of thinking about life, about changing your mentality and on dealing with the struggle to success. It’s all up to you, but I would like to introduce you to some of the people who are apart of my team and who I declare is “Extraordinary’s Finest” in the next few posts, stay tuned…

And like I wrote the other day on them digital pages of my iPhone…

“What that sound like, it’s Extraordinary’s Finest/You can blind success I guarantee it still goin’ find us” – TroNic ©

Still Life

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Ignacio Lozano you are “Extrodinary’s Finest” straight brilliance. Thanks Ye. Imagine doing a video decked out in this, why am I hyped-up all of a sudden?

SayWHatYoUFeeL – TroNic

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I’ve never been a person of many words, unless it was something I was really passionate about, either that or if it was chillin’ with a group of friends.

I have just been needing to get some stuff off my chest, this is just some public speaking, this is for y’all… Welcome to my world.

SayWHatYoUFeel – TroNic

Kinda Like a Big Deal

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clipseMalice X Pusha = The Reason I started rapping…That is all