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What Is Happiness?

Posted in My Mind, Thoughts, Tronic with tags , on September 28, 2009 by TroNic

What is truely happiness? The ultimate happiness. I know getting something new alway makes me happy or accomplishing something does, but it seems to always fade away right? Is there a happiness that last forever…


Hello It’s The Martian

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010062_1_plil_wayne_and_0c59010062_4_p“Space Jam Jordans’, I want this shit forever wake up and smell the Garden”

Switch It Up On ‘Em

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It’s getting to that time, when the summer cars go in, winter cars come out, and I cleared my closet of hoodies so it’s time for some new ones. I came across some of these… put them in an all white room! You feeling these? I’m really on the 10 deep with the off zipper. Pree the buttons, ill.

93TD0001-GRAzoom310 Deep (Including above)93TD0002-GRAzoom693TD0002-GRAzoom2Shades Of GriegeSHAD-MO184_V2

God & Hip-Hop

Posted in Music, My Mind, Video with tags , , on September 25, 2009 by TroNic

This has always been an important topic to me, especially in my own music. Many of times I’ve scratched out lines I’ve written that I felt crossed the line a bit too much, but would always think to myself, “I’m not expressing my true feelings by holding back”. I had a very in depth coversation with a good friend of mine who is a Gospel artist about this same topic, nobody won that debate lol. But what are your views about God in Hip-Hop music? Feel free to comment. Thank you Nahright.

Lady Gaga (Poker Face Live)

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A lot of people might be shocked to see me posting a song by Lady Gaga… but I’m a believer in good music so here you go, no need for explanation, video speaks for itself.

Girls With Tats

Posted in Tronic with tags , on September 21, 2009 by TroNic

I love my ladies with tats. If anyone of you had a piece of art like this, you would get a hit song written about you lol.

Successful Freestyle

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“I wanna be somebody, stay connected like a bone

I got my Berry on my hip and making calls on my Iphone

God please forgive my tone, I just wanna be alone

And sometimes I wish that my pops just wouldn’t come home”

What is success to you? Drizzy Thank you & Your Welcome

LISTEN HERE: Tronic – Successful Freestyle TroNic • Successful Freestyle