Who Am I? You Ask

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Allow me to Introduce myself, my name is TroNic, Producer and Rapper Born in Toronto, Canada but raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I follow my dreams. I’m here to make GOOD music because it’s all thats on my mind, it’s all i think about and it’s all I can see myself doing. I’ve worked with a few artists but I don’t wish to name who, because 1. you probably would be like, “who is that?” or 2. You will probably wonder “why haven’t I heard that?”. I’m just not the type of person to really talk about what I have accomplished because I’m constantly accomplishing more things, i rather my actions reveal it to you, sort of an “actions speak louder than words” mentality. This is mainly the reason why I have started this blog, for documenting my chase for success. I ask you to come and stick with me and watch me  do my thing so you can say you witnessed it from day one. Thank you, and your welcome.


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