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SayWHatYoUFeeL – TroNic

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I’ve never been a person of many words, unless it was something I was really passionate about, either that or if it was chillin’ with a group of friends.

I have just been needing to get some stuff off my chest, this is just some public speaking, this is for y’all… Welcome to my world.

SayWHatYoUFeel – TroNic


The Team That Has No Name – (D.Marston)

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4171_1079661479973_1479360270_30266730_3118306_nMy brother from another father, has dropped another crazy remix, its been getting some real good feedback. He goes by many names DJ Marston, The Proffesor, Sheppy but the name that was always fitting is… Genius.

“We real musicians and there’s only a few of us…”

Never Beleive U (DJ D.Marston Remix) – Mavado

TroNic – The Making Of “Make It (To The Top)”

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Some footage we filmed while I was recording my first single “Make It (To The Top)” Feat. Amanda Diva. This actually sparked how I got the name of the whole EP. When I messed up at the end there I said “I should call the EP “The Imperfect Robot” which then evolved into “The Unfinished Robot”, more on that later. Don’t forget to follow @tronicmusic on twitter and check out the Myspace (which will vastly improve in about a week).

“Predator for success, I keep hunting” ©TroNic

Get Familiar

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Amanda Diva if you don’t know, you need to ask somebody. Follow her @amandadiva

Studio Session Pics (Location: Euphonic Sound)

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photo The Warm Up

photo(2) ••Me and Logic are new friends ••


“All Black Everything”photo(4)

Stuck @ “high school shootings, sixteens leaving in Hearses” You get me?photo(5)

#Shoutout to the Divaphoto(6) Only the Beginning 1.

You Don’t Wanna Die – K. John Feat. Sherman Dadz

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The family “Gambling House Studios” video is so Gamblino! Big up to K. John bless up breda!

God & Hip-Hop

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This has always been an important topic to me, especially in my own music. Many of times I’ve scratched out lines I’ve written that I felt crossed the line a bit too much, but would always think to myself, “I’m not expressing my true feelings by holding back”. I had a very in depth coversation with a good friend of mine who is a Gospel artist about this same topic, nobody won that debate lol. But what are your views about God in Hip-Hop music? Feel free to comment. Thank you Nahright.