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Said It Before and I’ll Say It Again…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls introducing… “The Princess of Pop”.


TroNic Vlog #2 – Single & Shoutouts

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Hit me up on Twitter…@Tronicmusic

TroNic – The Making Of “Make It (To The Top)”

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Some footage we filmed while I was recording my first single “Make It (To The Top)” Feat. Amanda Diva. This actually sparked how I got the name of the whole EP. When I messed up at the end there I said “I should call the EP “The Imperfect Robot” which then evolved into “The Unfinished Robot”, more on that later. Don’t forget to follow @tronicmusic on twitter and check out the Myspace (which will vastly improve in about a week).

“Predator for success, I keep hunting” ┬ęTroNic

What A Comeback!

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TroNic VLOG#1

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You Don’t Wanna Die – K. John Feat. Sherman Dadz

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The family “Gambling House Studios” video is so Gamblino! Big up to K. John bless up breda!

God & Hip-Hop

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This has always been an important topic to me, especially in my own music. Many of times I’ve scratched out lines I’ve written that I felt crossed the line a bit too much, but would always think to myself, “I’m not expressing my true feelings by holding back”. I had a very in depth coversation with a good friend of mine who is a Gospel artist about this same topic, nobody won that debate lol. But what are your views about God in Hip-Hop music? Feel free to comment. Thank you Nahright.